2 April 2012

Hypocritical Idiocy

Hopefully this is the last I'll have to write on the whole Mittens Fanfest controversy. Actually, I'll state it now: This is the last I will write about that whole pile of fail. Three posts is way too much.

On Friday night DJ Funky Bacon on Eve Radio1 hosted a show dedicated to the whole Mittensgate issue. On the show while I was listening were Seleene and Two Step. To be honest I wasn't paying that much attention as the show just seemed to be going back over everything I've read since the whole thing kicked off. Also it was way past bedtime and I was tired.

The interesting part happened after I headed off for some sleep. The Mittani himself appeared on the show and during the interview someone decided it would be a good idea to post the alleged real address of one Alexander Gianturco, aka. Mittens. This was not the wisest thing that someone could have decided to do, but this is the internet and stupid things like that happen from sub-par intellectuals (or drunk people). The really, really dumb thing happened just after when some other twit decided to post an incitement to go visit said address and "rape [Mittens'] wife".

Now I'm not sure if suggesting such a thing could ever be deemed acceptable. Even amongst my close friends where a certain level of personal insults can be freely distributed we would never veer within a hundred miles of  such a sick suggestion as that. And that's where we all know exactly how to take each other. An in-game chat room full of random people? Really?

Whatever came before that statement with Mittens' ill advised comments at fanfest this guy should not have ever suggested such a thing. I'm glad I didn't see the comment or know the character name; I personally don't ever want to know if I'm online at the same time as that sick guy. I really hope he gets a permanent ban to remove him from the Eve gene pool forever. I also suspect someone may also have to give the guy pointers on why his actions are more than a little hypocritical.

1 If you don't listen to Eve Radio you should. The music tends to be good, the DJs I've heard are a high calibre and they sometimes organise roams or other events2.
2 Why yes, I am flirting with Jester-esque footnotes.

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