24 April 2012


The build up to the next expansion is here. Inferno hits us in just under a month, but today brings the pre-instalment of Inferno - Escalation.

There is absolutely no point me going through the features that are getting added and the changes that are being made to pre-existing content. Needless to say, there has been a lot of speculation what these changes will bring. The biggest indicator, as always, is the market. Particularly the massive increase in mineral prices.

The increases in mineral prices has led to a lot of suggestion that mining fleets will become more common place in the weeks and months that pass from today. I'm not entirely sure as boring mining is still boring. Still, as if to underline how boring mining is, Helicity Boson and The Mittani are endeavouring to liven it up with Hulkageddon V. That's not to forget the counter-initiative - Griefergeddon. And these follow on perfectly from today's Escalation patch, beginning sometime after the 28th of April and continuing through the whole month of May.

Actually, thinkning about it, it's almost like Helicity and Mittens have been in collusion with CCP in marketing this. Think about it

  • 24th April - Inferno - Escalation
  • 28th April - Goonswarm burns Jita
  • 29th April - Hulkageddon V begins
  • 22nd May - Inferno
  • 31st May - Hulkageddon ends
Certainly we are in for a busy month ahead. Whose side are you on?

(( Edit 24/04/2012 12:12 - Helicity confirmed Hulkageddon starts on the 29th ))

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