23 April 2012

Fun Contracts

My attention was drawn to the following contract currently available in Jita.

All you could possibly want for a fun party
A party pack. Now what a fantastic idea. It does disturb me somewhat that the top item in the contract is a corpse. I dread to think what that may be for. Looking down the rest of the list I don't think there is much missing that could be considered essential for a party - booze, smokes, dancers, and small arms to really liven the evening. Maybe there should be a DJ added in and a sound system? But for this contract, Jmam really has thought of everything. You even get a Janitor to clean up after you and coffee for the morning. Actually, there was one thing Jmam wishes he'd put in this contract. I gather the source of Exotic Dancers is questionable and I've been informed that the next Party Kit will contain a supply of antibiotics in case of infection.

This surely beats the usual packaged contracts which contain a ship and all the fittings someone else thinks you might need. Often the ship isn't even there.

Go have a look for the contract, there should still be a few hours left on it now.

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