4 April 2012

This Is War

As well as recruiting members to our corp, our alliance is also recruiting whole new corps. An unexpected bonus from this was a new corp who joined us a couple of days ago brought a high-sec wardec with them. Seems this was an unfortunate coincidence, which I can believe. I've been director in a corp who joined a new alliance and in the joining cool-down we got wardecced. Ho hum, these things happen.

I set to work on my usual intel gathering routine. It's been some time since I found myself on the receiving end of a wardec so I'm a little rusty. Taking a look at the aggressor corp I found that they only have three members, of which only one appears to have any kills or losses. Hmm, interesting and not really that scary.

Let's go hunting. Only there is no indication of the guy anywhere in New Eden thus far. The corp description suggests we can buyout the war for a mere 300 Million ISK but I think we should have a little bit of fun with this. I mean, we are over 200 members now and how often do  you get to hunt in hisec?

I'm looking forward to seeing either the aggressor corp numbers inflate or the war getting abandoned. The question is, if they abandon the war do we still have a chance to make it mutual? I've never been in a position before where we'd want to try that. I'll let you know if anything actually comes of this.

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