11 April 2012

On The Roam

With the ships all set up and our fleet all ready we undocked and headed into lowsec. We spent the first few jumps doing a mini circuit of Derelik but pickings were slim to none. As I mentioned on Monday the real destination was a big loop of Molden Heath so we headed there next.

Just into Molden Heath we ran into a Jaguar taunting us around the system. We engaged him on the sun but he just burned away and warped off. The merry dance continued on a couple of sites as he jumped around trying to split us into multiple groups. This tactic worked to a certain extent and on a jump gate into a complex he landed on grid with a group of four of us. One of our number was pretty close to him so tackled him while the rest of us tried to get in range. This was about 70 km from where the rest of us were. Now 70 km is about the worst distance to cover as burning towards the destination is just as bad as burning away to 150 km and warping back. Needless to say the tackle died before we could get in range. With this unfortunate start behind us we regrouped and headed deeper leaving the Jaguar to his own devices.

It wasn't long before we had another target twitching under our noses. Our FC had found a Stabber worthy of our attention. Tackle was called in and got a successful hold on the ship. The rest of us jumped in and warped to the FC. With eight in our gang the Stabber didn't have much chance. First blood for Geo and third highest damage. - not bad for a thirteen day old character.

Two systems later and we had a Drake seeking our attentions. Exactly the same setup as before with the FC scouting the location and then calling tackle in. Tackle calls point and we all warp in. Strike two. It appeared this kill wasn't well received as we all had to scatter pretty quick when the Drake's friends arrived on grid advertising a fight we couldn't win. Thankfully we all got away and kept on the move for a few systems until they got bored.

It took another half hour before we got word of a Rupture on d-scan. By this time my beers were in full effect and the details of the kill are a bit fuzzy. It was just after this that two members of The Bastards met up with us. Thankfully they were on our side and arrived to a touch of awe from a couple of folk in fleet. The highlight comment on comms was "Oh, you're in The Bastards. I love your work".

With two Bastards in tow we went hunting for more kills, but they were elusive. It took the best part of an hour, and a few missed opportunities, before we acquired our final target of the evening. This target was the weirdest of the night. We were all parked on a gate when the Drake jumped into us. We all got lock but I was expecting him to burn back to the gate and jump through. I held off on aggression and got ready to follow him through while the rest of the fleet tore through his shields. About half into armour I decided not to miss the killmail and started shooting as well. He died seconds later.

It wasn't until afterwards I realised I wasn't showing drones on my overview and the Drake had actually aggressed us. Oh well, I could've hit him harded but at least I got on my fourth killmail of the evening. And with that we decided to call it a night. There were no further targets as we headed back to Derelik and off to sleep.

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