12 March 2017


Once more it's time to vote for the CSM and this time around I really couldn't care less who gets in. As far as I know the outgoing CSM has been relatively drama-free which evidently equates to bad marketing. Mind you, I've pretty much drifted away from most of the meta surrounding EVE so probably wouldn't know if there had been drama.

I had a look at the list of candidates for CSM XII and the names were all pretty unfamiliar. Only seven of the 64 names rang any bells, and not all those seven were for good reasons. I turned to the wisdom of Rixx Javix to pick my names. I did swap Steve Ronuken to the top though.

If you haven't voted yet get your arse over to the voting page right now and bang in some names. Drama or not we players still want CCP to have access to players to use as sounding boards. Hopefully the quiet CSM XI shows CCP have learned how to leverage such a focus group without giving away too much information to be abused.