16 September 2015

Slack Jawed

Man, sometimes time just flies past and I realise I haven't posted anything for two full weeks. It's not that nothing has been happening, I just haven't had the time to sit down and write about it. I guess it's one of those things where my time to blog and my time to play EVE are shared and playing more EVE means less time to blog. Oh well, I'll try and write up the comedy successful failure to evict someone soon.

Channels galore!
One thing I have managed to find time to do is set myself up a Slack account. I've been aware for a while that tweetfleet had expanded on to Slack but I'd never found a reason to sign up an account. In the past week someone in my corp mentioned Slack and extolled its virtues to me. Easy to set up, better app support on mobile devices, reliable pings. It sounded pretty good. We've been using a jabber server for the three years the alliance has existed. While a group of us hang out and chat on that plenty we've rarely used it for pings and stuff. Mobile app support is pretty flaky too with a choice of Talkonaut on the iPhone or Xabber on Android, neither of which work particularly well with conference rooms. Other apps are on offer for both platforms but they were even worse!

We are now testing Slack to see if this works at least as good or better than jabber and this removed my excuse for not signing up to tweetfleet Slack. Having spent most of today in there (not talking much) it seems to be relatively chilled out, just like tweetfleet tends to be. Certainly it's miles less rage-y than the horrible EVE forums are. So come along to tweetfleet Slack and join the fun. You can find me there as @orea. Just be aware that the email address you use is visible to all so disposable addresses may be advisable.