16 February 2013

Neglect and Dying

I've been neglecting my blog for the last two weeks. The odd thing is I've had things to write about but I've not had the time to do the writing. By way of apology here's the conclusion on Geo's circuitous nullsec journey.

To quickly recap, I had noticed from my visited systems map that not one of my toons had been to the east side of New Eden and this needed rectified. In my last post about this I had gone about a seventh of the way around the map. It is from there I resume the tale.

Continuing south with Geo I encountered very little activity in any of the edge systems. Solar Fleet owned a large chunk of the next section of space I went through and other than the occasional comment about me in 'local' I saw nobody, not even any fleets passing through. There are some rather big jumps as you head south so it felt like real progress was being made. I was still making a tactical gate bookmark and safe spot for every system so this meant progress was slow. Generally I would only do five or so jumps at a time before doing something different. I continued down through Insmother before arriving victorious in FMH-OV in Detorid.

Courtesy of evemaps.dotlan.net

That was it. I was about a third of the way around the map and I had cleared Solar Fleet's space. Now it was time to head, um, further around?! I had made it this far and found the edge of New Eden largely empty. How hard could it be? The new plan looked like this:

Courtesy of evemaps.dotlan.net
The route shown above is 181 jumps. I was only 47 jumps around so if I wanted to finish in a timely manner I would need to speed up. This meant no longer making tacticals at every gate unless I actually needed one. The next few systems flew by under this new process. I should have been doing that from the start but lack of nullsec experience seemed to have made me over cautious. Things were going great until I encountered something hitherto unseen on my journey, people actually living in the systems they held sovereignty over.

I had been making good use of the 'pilots in space' map statistic during my travels. Rarely did I see even one pilot in space. Down in Feythabolis the alliance Unclaimed. seemed to have at least 6 pilots in space in all the border systems they owned. This held up no matter what time I checked. What's more they seemed to be actively hunting me whenever I logged in. Once again my progress crawled to a halt. I sat watching each out gate for some time observing all the comings and goings which prevented my progress. I was around this time I decided to pare back my cyclic ambition. Going half circle now would be sufficient and I would resume the other half at a later date. The new destination was C-PEWN which looked like the exact opposite system from where I started in OE-4HB.

Back in overly-cautious mode it took me a few days to get the last few jumps towards my new destination. It was already thinking about scanning myself a nice wormhole to hisec and going on a Bombers Bar roam. Finally I was one jump away. As usual for Unclaimed.'s space the next system showed six pilots in space. It was my last jump so I went for it. Loading grid on the other side showed a lone Sabre. Oh crap, bubbles. It was down to me escaping the bubble under the cover of cloak. I held the session cloak as long as I dared then made a break for it. Heading directly away from the Sabre I gained covops cloak then switched direction. Holy hell can that Sabre move! He decloaked me with ease and the result was inevitable. A pod express trip to hisec was requested and granted. Well at least I wouldn't have to scan my way home.

On the plus side, I completed the revised 50% circuit of New Eden. This was way more than originally intended so I'm happy. Now for something new to do.

5 February 2013

Alliance Logo Competition

Default Alliance Logo
My alliance is rapidly approaching its sixth month in existence. That, in combination with more than 150 members, means we should be eligible to have CCP add an alliance logo to the game for us. Having a logo will give us a proper identity and is vastly better than the default logo.

I would like to open up a competition for people to design a logo for my alliance. The competition is open to anyone inside or outside of my alliance. The prizes are:

If more than one person worked on the logo it is up to the submitter to handle divvying up the prize. The important instructions from CCP on how the logo should be submitted can be found here. I will do my best to make sure any submissions pass the basic requirements or let the submitter know so they can rectify the problem.

Guidance on how the logo should look
I am not a fan of logos where letters or words are the main or sole feature. I also don't like logos which are square for no reason other than that is the defined shape of the canvas. That's not to say you shouldn't submit logos like that at all. Just be aware that I may need convincing.

Examples I like:

Examples I don't like:

For inspiration, Poetic Stanziel made a page of alliance logos you can browse.

Submission Process
The competition will run until the 28th of February 2013 and I will try and announce the winner as soon as possible after that. Final decision on the winning logo is solely mine although it is both possible and likely that I will look to others in my alliance to get their opinions. In the event of no logo being submitted to CCP there will be no winner. Submissions must be made by email to orea@dagoaty.net with the subject of "Alliance Logo". Make sure to include your in-game character name (otherwise someone else will get your PLEX should you win). By submitting the logo to me you are granting me all required rights for subsequent submission to CCP.

Good Luck.