30 April 2015

Missing Critical

Rolling some of our excessive number of inbound connection we discovered a disturbing pattern. First one pilot got locked out in their Helios, then I got my Orca rolled out. The pattern was neither hole went mass critical before collapsing. Initially we assumed bad maths but the pattern was further repeated when a third hole collapsed on a return journey by an Orca on a hole which wasn't critical.

I accept that in either of the cases with the Orca jumping back it is technically possible to flatten a hole from reduced all the way to gone. To do this three times in one night is unprecedented by us. To find out if CCP have dramatically changed how wormholes behave we need more data points. So, dear reader, have you encountered any unexpected changes to wormhole mechanics?

I'm off to scout my Orca back from lowsec...

27 April 2015


Over the past week and a bit I've spent a bit of time staring at the pulsar effect in a class three wormhole. I spent some of that time filming the effect and then set it to one of New Eden's iconic tunes. Until I finish writing up the events of the past ten days here's the resulting video so you too can stare at the beauty of the pulsar.

19 April 2015

Alliance logo do over

In case you missed it CCP have reopened the submission process for alliance logos. As part of this they have changed the requirements and logos already existing in the game need resubmitted for approval. Approval is subject to the new conditions meaning existing alliance logos may soon be consigned to the dustbin of the past. I didn't have a 512x512 version of the Illusion of Solitude logo but I did have the Adobe Illustrator vector file which I could use to create a higher resolution version. After a little while re-adding the trailing lines which break out of the mouth of the Rosen Bridge I was ready to submit it to CCP. I then went and made a giganta-huge version which I should be able to use for just about anything in the future. I hope CCP re-accept our logo as I would truly hate to lose our mascot - Reginald Green the Chameleon. More than one new recruit has told me they were attracted to our alliance because of the bright green lizard and at fanfest a few wormholers also recognised it. Long live my iconic friend.
Click for the massive.