30 April 2012

I, Leader

As I've mentioned previously here, my position within my corporation is as one of several directors. My remit concerns watching the corp purse, determining where the ISK comes from and goes to, and making sure we have enough ISK to pay all corp members their share of loot, PI and mining proceeds. I've been doing this for a small number of months and things have been going well. Just under two weeks ago I arrived online to discover a surprising evemail from the corp CEO - he was announcing his retirement from wormhole life and was wanting to know which of the directors would be interested in stepping up to the plate.

Now, there was once in the past where this same question was asked under slightly different circumstances. At that time I put my name forward and caused a little drama as it appeared I was competing with a very popular CEO. I wasn't, but the CEO and I agreed that I should stand down from the election and maintain the status quo for the sake of the corp. As a result I had to give a reasonable amount of thought towards whether I should take the chance a second time.

Considering the different circumstances between this time and last time I decided that offering myself up for the position was a good idea and I posted my interest. The support flew in from all the other directors to my appointment as CEO which, combined with the outgoing CEO's approval, resulted in an almost seamless switch of positions. And just like that, I became the head of a highly competent and self motivated wormhole corp.

Describing the corp as "highly competent and self motivated" should give a pretty good idea as to how much effort I expect this new role to take. I've flown with a lot of the pilots for the best part of nine months. During that time we came through a corp theft drama as a result of some intentional, mildly disruptive activities by an outgoing director. We all pulled together and took the corp through a difficult time quite successfully. In a slightly cliched way the drama was perfect as it only made us stronger. This means I know the other directors don't need me micromanaging day to day operations within the corp and I trust them implicitly. In turn this means while I have an additional level of 'things' to think about, they are only high-level ideas for corp projects, initiatives, and direction. As this is mainly out-of-game thinking time, I can handle that while out riding my bike. Thus, I should hopefully have in-game time to shoot at sleepers with the rest of them...

...the CEO is still allowed to do that, right?

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  1. All Hail to our New Leader! I am glad you are the chosen one - you have the vision and the attention to detail that will help us stay on track. And you are right, our corp is built on solid foundations and has the right team. Total corp member numbers are up, so both quality and quantity are good. The nice thing about WHs is that its not all that easy to leave once you are inside and have all your ships, mods and planets set up. But people do leave and we are still recruiting. So if folks here are interested in joining, let me know (Splatus@hotmail.com).