13 April 2012

Roaming Thoughts

So with my first proper lowsec roam taken care of, and four kills under my belt. What are my thoughts? Well, for one I had a fun time even if it was quieter than I had hoped. I have spent enough time flying through lowsec in the last year to realise that it is pretty empty and not the scary wasteland I once thought it was. When looking for a fight this isn't really what you want though. It was also fun to be in a fleet actively hunting for targets in an organised manner.

I had one realisation for the minute or two we would have sitting on each gate while our scout was a system over checking for targets. Anyone jumping through would think we were camping the gate which was definitely not the case. We would already be aware of the security status of someone jumping through and whether we wanted to try and catch them or not. On more than one occasion someone with positive sec status would see us and burn back to the gate rapidly. As we were all in Frigates or Destroyers there would be no way we'd survive the gate guns for long so had no intention of engaging those ships. It was amusing to watch through as I'm more used to being on the wrong side of such surprises.

Finally, do I want to go on another roam? Hell yes, it was lots of fun and I've already been out with the same guys for a second roam with two more kills, and my first loss. It'll be even more fun when I've got more of the essential skills - I can't even use a MWD yet. Pretty soon I'll need to find a suitable corp for Geo as well. Any suggestions? I've nearly one million skill points now!

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