29 March 2012


The final result is in for The Mittani's punishment against his ill advised comments at fanfest. To limit the damage Mittens had already apologised to the victim, as he should have, and donated a significant sum of ISK to him as well. Additionally Mittens decided to step down from the position of CSM chairman with the intention of retaining an ordinary place on the CSM.

It appears this plan had failed to succeed to appease CCP. Yesterday CCP issued a statement that Mittens would be receiving a 30 day ban as per their Ts&Cs. As a result, Mittens would not be eligible to sit on CSM7 at all.

So, what does this mean for the CSM? Well, CCP and the CSM just lost one of the most successful CSM members to date. They have also just removed the single most popular candidate ever, regardless of behind the scenes machinations. Let's look at the numbers:

This CSM had the highest turnout of any CSM vote so far at 16.63%, which equates to 59,109 votes. Mittens himself received 10,058 votes which was more than double any other single candidate and around a quarter of the total successful votes. With Mittens' participation excised from CSM7 we might as well cancel out all ten thousand votes he received meaning a equivalent voter turnout of 13.8%.

This equivalent voter turn out is less than the turnout for the highly effective CSM6 but still more than the less effective CSM5. The main thing I understand from CSM5 is that they apparently built a solid foundation for CSM6 but did little else other than mass-resign. So, let's see if CSM7 has the player support to actually do something useful this term now that CCP has removed 23% of their influence. It will also now be interesting to see who takes the position of Chair - Two Step or Trebor.

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