5 March 2012

Catch A Can

Some kind soul decided to leave a little present during some brief visit to our wormhole. Clicking d-scan several days ago revealed a new contact - a small container with an identifier of  '(^o^)'. Thus far I had ignored it, as had my companions in the wormhole system, but today I had nothing better to do so I decided to hunt the can down.

I quickly ascertained the can was quite near planet one and in the direction of planet two. I had expected the can to be anchored deep in space and not in line with two celestials so this looked like it would be easier than I had anticipated.

It took more attempts jumping back and forth between ever nearer bookmarks than it ought to have. I didn't feel too bad though given this was my first attempt at hunting down an annoying jetcan. Warping back and forth, back and forth, edging closer and closer until I got down to just 1200 km away from the can. At this point I decided to slowboat towards it as that would probably be quicker than jumping a couple more times and also required less attention.

I set my d-scan to a narrow 5% and powered on the microwarpdrive on my scanning Tengu. I didn't even have to make minor adjustments as long as I was in line with the planet. Quite quickly I saw the can appear on my overview and I initiated a warp to cover the last 500 km.

Even though the can had been there many days I was still cautious as I approached it. I set myself on a vector which had me aligned for a warp out as I scooped it. Nothing appeared from the shadows to kill me so I engaged my cloak again and examined the contents of the can. What would I find? Free PLEX to convince CONCORD to let me pilot my ship in W-space? Something better? Nope, it was empty. Boo!

Warping back to the POS to drop the can in my hanger I felt quite satisfied with myself. Not the most exiting way to spend time but at least the annoying can isn't on d-scan anymore.


  1. Heh, for the longest time I thought this can belonged to someone of us. Now I wonder what that was all about :D

  2. Probably it´s like a "chain of luck" (aka SPAM/HOAX for fortune). So every one who find it, must drop it later between 2 celestials (on another wormhole system); and: "If 7 other capsuleers do this again after you, the next time CCP seeds a a rare BPO, one of this will be yours!...

    Or maybe the can has a "curse", and now every sleeper can trigger a capital escalation (even in C1!), if they scan your cargo and see this can. =P