21 March 2012


It has been an interesting time in the corp recently as we've been recruiting. Recruiting is always an interesting time as, for me, it gives equal measures of intrigue and trepidation. Are the new people coming into the corp genuine? Do they want to steal all our ISK (not that we have vast sums)? Are they just wanting to mess with us? It's all the fear of the unknown, of course, and completely irrational (maybe).

This time we are being very aggressive. We normally only recruit between three and five new members, expecting only two or three to stick around. This time we are going for closer to 30. I imagine that we expect about 20 to stick around and this represents a significant increase in corp size.

So with this in mind I shouldn't be too concerned when I turn on comms and don't recognise a few names. At least getting chatting eases my concerns as these new recruits seems nice enough. I really don't spend enough time socialising with everyone recently due to other commitments so I guess I shouldn't be too hard. Well, maybe just my normal level of taking the mick - no point giving a false impression now. Anyway, I should have an evening of drunken piloting coming up real soon so they new guys will get to know me better then...

So, interested in wormhole life? Join the "Z3R0 Return Mining Recruitment" comms channel and come chat with us. We're almost at the end of this round of recruiting but it's always better to come find out about us in advance.

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  1. yes, this recruitment drive was / is a beast. Aside from the required security checks, finding the balance between salesmanship, reality and genuinely trying to find people who will fit into the corp by voice and text alone is surprisingly hard. Good news, we have some really great people in thus round and we can close this weekend. Time to find and shoot some red crosses for a change...