26 March 2012

On Building T3s

After a long training queue, Dhal is finally in a position to start building T3 subsystems for Tengus. The skill for building the actual T3 hull, Cruiser Construction, is a slightly long one so is on hold for now while I get the skills to build all the different faction T3 subsystems.

Until this year Dhal had pretty much been wandering the universe with no point or purpose. Even though he's been a capsuleer for many years he had yet to focus on any single career. With Orea moving away into wormhole space it was time to actually focus on some other aspect of the game and industry seemed a good choice.

The interesting thing about low skilled industry is the margins are generally quite low. Randomly picking something to start building can be a bad decision and I quickly discovered there is nothing to be made building frigates or cruisers. Even if you do all the work from scratch - mining, refining, research, building, selling - the return on time is rather low.

To actually make decent ISK from the manufacturing venture I had to sit down with spreadsheets and work out potential profit per month. This was a very organised method compared to the fail method of randomly picking interesting things to build and giving it a go. Ammo is the eternal cash cow and by sitting down and making a proper plan I now turn a tidy profit. All of which has been funnelled back into the T3 business.

Unlike last year, Dhal now won't be seen anywhere near an asteroid belt or near a refinery. I now just buy materials as and when I need them. I guess the next plan is to start using buy orders to further improve the profit margin.

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