14 March 2012

Bad Combat - Requiem

I couldn't really just leave the failed attempt at combat to my loss of a corp-mate's ship. Whether it was the late hour or the alcohol imbibed, I decided that I would take a run out to hisec to replace the lost Nemesis. En route I decided it would be even more amusing to build a perfect replacement to his ship but store it in the ship hanger under my own ID. Ho! ho! What could possible go wrong.

The two jumps through wormhole systems were now quiet and caused me no troubles in my pod. Even the lowsec system of Tama, which provided the entry point to empire space, was quiet. That just left me with five jumps to Jita and a world of shopping hell.

Being the late and somewhat incapacitated hour, it took longer that it ought to have to buy the components to replace the ship. During that time I speculated on how useful it would be to have the ability to drag a killmail into the market interface and generate a list of items to buy. Hint hint!

Eventually, with a new ship built and a few more beers sunk in the notorious den of Jita I set to space in my new Nemesis. Another five quiet jumps took me back to Tama and I jumped back into the C2b. Our C4a was next on my list and I arrived there to find the system quiet just as a corpmate had reported 10 minutes prior. Landing on the K162 wormhole home I had the annoying surprise of empty space. Bugger!

Even in my reduced state I had enough clear head to get out of W-space rapidly, given I had no probes. So back to Tama, then Jita I went. I started to muse the possibility of utilising our other route via nullsec. The entry point was C9N-CC which sounded familiar for some reason. I set off on the first of the 50 jumps musing the familiarity of the system while another corpmate confirmed the route viability.

I was informed that the route no longer existed at almost the same time I realised why C9N-CC was familiar. That system holds the wreck of the first titan ship to die in New Eden - Steve. I had been there before. Oh well, guess I wasn't going to visit Steve again just now as there was no point. With a heavy heart I set the autopilot for the sleazy bars of Jita 4-4, had another few alcoholic drinks and went to sleep.

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