24 February 2012

Visions Of New Eden - VI

Dangerous Location
Even if you never amount to much you will at some point in your capsuleer career visit this spot. This is the undocking port at the infamous Jita 4-4 station. If you do ever find yourself in a situation where you are undocking from this point with a cargo worth billions of ISK you better have some good insurance as the passive scanner squad will have you earmarked for a proper ganking in no time.

1 comment:

  1. I still remember the day when I undocked my freshly minted Loki there. Back then the Caldari Navy would shoot at me. So there I was, triple webbed and shot at by Caldari Navy ships, and the gankers descended onto me like vultures, bumping me out of warp alignment. I did not even have anything but an MWD and some warpstabs on the thing, because everything else I needed was elsewhere. Some even started shooting and brought CONCORD wrath down upon themselves. Good thing that the Loki is such a nimble ship. Eventually I made it out of there with 20% structure. This was my most exciting Jita experience.