7 February 2012


Returning my attention to the goings on in the system I was surprised to see comms very active again. Surely the battle hadn't resumed on the customs office already? Reinforced state wasn't due to end for over two hours. What was going on?

It turned out that our new neighbours were a little bit feisty. They'd already scored an easy kill when one of the other corp member accidentally drifted from the POS bubble (don't ask). Now we were scrapping near our POS. I jumped in to switched from my cloaky scanner to an appropriately fit Drake. Unfortunately I was too late to the party and, after losing a Drake each, our friendly neighbours warped off.

So, now the question was: Is this a coincidence or a diversionary tactic from the customs office fight?

With more corp members turning their attention to the shenanigans occurring in our system we were now able to put a proper fleet together. I was glad of the chance to take the covers off my shiny new Basilisk, although being the first time I'd flow logistics I was a little nervous. The fleet warped off to the wormhole connection to the neighbouring system harbouring our new friends. Our attention was mainly focussed on the customs office timer but we were meant to be on fleet manoeuvres anyway. Instead of dividing into teams we might as well try and have a real scrap.

We formed up and held on our side of the wormhole waiting for any action. A couple of times the neighbours jumped in and back out immediately, trying to bait us through. But we had another job to take care of and after hanging around for a while and getting nowhere we headed off to reorganise.

After making sure we all knew the game plan, and with the customs office timer almost at zero, we warped off to meet whatever may come. As soon as we landed we set to repairing the shields on the customs office and waited for any offensive action to occur...

Orea's first Logi chain
...and waited.

...and waited. All the while repairing the shields on the customs office. Once they hit a good percentage we felt safe to leave it to naturally recharge.

All this build up and almost nobody to shoot. A bit of an anti-climax but a good outcome none the less. For a training exericise it was probably as good as it gets. We formed a good fleet, worked on comms discipline and flew under an FC who is pretty much new to us in that role. It all went well. Now we're wondering if it was all just a setup by the security team to shake us down.

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