1 February 2012

Sometimes you shouldn't think

Sometimes, when it's quiet in system and all of my corp mates are otherwise engaged, I stare at the stars and the galaxies I see. I imagine only sub-light travel and to journey amongst these pricks of light would take an eternity. And if my wormhole should close forever I would be stuck, alone, with no hope of rescue.

Sometimes I can almost taste the desperation that must have been present in the first days, weeks, months and years of the closing of the original EVE Gate wormhole. As those pioneering forces realised their route back to Old Earth and home was gone forever.

Sometimes I like to wonder how life would have been shaped if the cataclysmic closing had not occurred. Would innovation under less trialing times have taken us as far? Further? Extinction? Would life still be so violent? Would I still be essentially eternal?

But then the feeling passes. I accept my chosen life and immortality. My unencumbered travel possibilities and violent tendencies. I look to my companions and realise I will never be alone.


  1. I like the musings. I often find myself thinking similar thoughts. And I thought I am weird. At least, if I am, I'm not alone with it.

    1. It is important to remember that everyone is weird in their own special way.