17 February 2012

Customs Music

An interesting thing was noticed but not properly realised by myself during the Interbus customs office bash mentioned earlier this week. At the time, I was aware of music being transmitted to me but just thought it was my pod jukebox malfunctioning. Unless I'm doing something incredibly boring I usually have the jukebox volume set to zero. At that time the presence of music merely triggered me to actually increase the jukebox volume and I though nothing more of the phantom music.

A few days later I found myself at one of our own customs offices and I heard the same music as before. This time I was certain the sound was not coming from the jukebox and I realised it was the actual customs office triggering the sounds. I find it most unusual that the customs office is either broadcasting soothing sounds into space or my pod environment deems the presence of the structure to require these calming effects to be streamed into my brain. I can totally understand why one might want to hear chillout sounds after manipulating the planetary structures into an efficient workflow.

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