22 February 2012

Awaiting Hulkageddon V

A friend and I have been awaiting the commencement of hostilities that is known as Hulkageddon. This is the perennial event which draws tears by the bucketful from the miners of New Eden. During the last Hulkageddon not even simple haulers were safe as industrial ships also became valid targets.

Last I heard, the fifth iteration of Hulkageddon was due to start on January the 2nd but here we are several weeks later with nothing. Annoyingly a friend and I have been waiting for the start of this event with the aim of taking part. Between us we plan on joining both Hulkageddon and the defending initiative - Griefer Geddon - but I'm not saying who wants to join which side.

This time around, as well as Helicity Boson running the gank-fest, The Mittani has also become involved. The first delay to Hulkageddon V was allegedly due to The Goons invading White Noise's territory and I expected the actual start to be soon after that campaign was announced victorious. It has been sometime now since Mittens claimed himself victorious in that endeavour yet nothing has happened.

With this in mind it suddenly occurred to me why the games have yet to begin. We are very close to candidate selection for the next Council of Stellar Management and the proper voting should be soon after that. The Mittani, as a very serious space-politician must have his eye firmly on the ball to secure a second term as Chairman Mittens. As any politician knows, it is wise to avoid controversy during such times. Thus Hulkageddon V has been delayed further, presumable past the elections.

A little research led me to find a comment by Chairman Mittens himself stating the reason for the delay was an unexplained absence of Helicity Boson. I don't believe this for one minute. Clearly there was a conflict of opinion between Helicity and Chairman Mittens with only one potential outcome. So, next time you rescue the Damsel from Kruul's Pleasure Hub please have a check around, there may be another little someone held against their will.

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