14 February 2012

Interbus Must Die

One of the delightful things about living in a wormhole system is the lack of requirement to spend hours orbiting a structure while firing round after round of expensive ammo at it. This all changed with the takeover of the planetary customs offices by Interbus. With CONCORD out of the picture there was a sweet little opportunity for us capsuleers to make a profit from the import/export business.

The unfortunate part of our non-consensual deal with Interbus is the sheer toughness of their customs offices. I'm sure this is only to be expected with such a massive structure, but it is mildly annoying in a wormhole system where ship storage space is at a premium. And it was thus I found myself in a Drake firing round after round of my precious faction missiles at a dumb structure. These missiles are meant to be presents for the Sleeper drones I introduce myself to from time to time, but not in this case.

Thankfully I had been ignorant of the goings on whilst my colleagues chewed through the first 80% of the customs office shield. Sadly this still meant we were only about 50% through the whole structure when I joined the mission. I set myself up in a lazy orbit, put my launchers on auto-fire and tuned into some aggregated news from around the rest of the known universe. I should probably thank Rixx Javix for compiling these news packages which keep me sane in my extended absence from 'known space'.

Fly my pretty missiles, fly!

It didn't take a massive amount of time subsequent to me joining the party for the customs office to go down. I'd love to say I single-handedly swung the balance but I'm a terrible liar. I almost feel bad about taking another office from Interbus. I'm sure they can't have made any profit from this deal of theirs. Well, if Interbus hadn't linked their sudden takeover of the customs offices with a hefty increase in the tax taken for exporting goods this wouldn't even have been necessary.

But then, did 'necessary' really come into it?

p.s. How the hell did CONCORD get one of these offices orbiting every planet in every wormhole system anyway?

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