13 February 2012

Letter From Dhal


From: Dhal
Sent: 2012.02.12 12:14
To: Orea

Dear Orea,

How is life in the wormhole. I've been busy on my get rich scheme making T2 ammo. Thing is I seem to be having the same bad luck I always do. Every calculation I do suggests I should be getting something like a 45% return on my inventions but it seems I barely hit 30% just now. I'm sure this is just a temporary dark cloud in my otherwise clear sky but it can be mighty frustrating.

I regularly have to visit your favourite system. I know how much you now hate being somewhere with more than twenty other pilots in local (local channel, remember that?). I can't imagine your distress at being in Jita with 1600 other pilots. These days I tend to close the local channel as best I can but sometimes it can be fun watching the scams flash by. Surely nobody actually believes any capsuleer is going to retire and give their life savings for one unit of Tritanium. What would they even want that Trit unit for?

I understand life in the wormhole took an interesting twist for you recently with a promotion to director level. How is that working out? From what you were telling me it shouldn't be long before low level financial analysis is pretty much doing itself. If you need any help reviewing the system you're creating then let me know, I promise not to share your authentication details with anyone, honest... Oh dear, I've been in Jita too long.

Well I should probably get back to purchasing minerals for my new business. I start ramping up production big time in about a week and need to be ready for that. This time next year, Orea, I'll be a multi-billionaire. I'll buy you a drink in Jita 4-4 if you can stomach it.

Best Wishes,


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