9 April 2014

Featured Fansite Honour

I was wondering what the spike in my blog stats were about until someone pointed out that a link on the launcher was for this humble blog. I welcome all you arriving here from the launcher and I hope a lot of you stick around to read the old posts here and await the trickle of new adventures and random thoughts yet to come. If any of you are interested in trying out wormhole life I'm just about to start a new recruitment drive so get in early and drop me an evemail or convo me and we can see what we can do.

For Posterity
For any of you in Scotland I'm also arranging a 'Party a little down from the top of the world' in Edinburgh on the 3rd of May. This is for us unlucky people who are not able to make it to Fanfest this year. I'll post more here about that soon.

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