23 April 2014

Fleet Finder Update

One of the popular tactics for tracking potential targets in wormholes is the in-game watchlist. This lets you know when someone logs on or off. With the absence of local this can be invaluable if you want to know if someone just logged off in your home system, a pilot you are waiting to jump on has decided better of coming back past you, or if a hostile logs in when you are running sites in someone else's hole.

The problem doing this comes if you are running a fleet. As the fleet boss, each time you add or remove a contact a popup appears asking if you want to enter a new advert for your fleet. The answer is almost always 'Yes'. Adding or removing a single contact isn't so bad. I can cope with clicking the yes button once. Last night I added around 8 different pilots as they were using our home system as a route to K-space. Each time we saw a new pilot I had to add him, set standings, then click that damn 'yes' button again. It got old very quickly.

Can you see my solution in this screenshot? It's a very minor change in the bottom left of the the dialogue window. Please, please, please CCP, will you let me tell the client I always want to re-advertise my fleet. The number of times I click 'Yes' outweighs the number of time I click 'No' probably 20/1. The few times I click 'No' don't matter as I'm generally shutting the fleet down anyway. Thus, I would love this tick-box to appear. You can do this for the summer expansion, right?

1 comment:

  1. Great idea. You'd need to tell CCP that it helps massive nullsec fleets or it will not get done but I really like it