14 April 2014

Alternative Fanfest Meetup - 2014

Unfortunately I will not be going to Fanfest this year. Last year I was lucky enough to go on a stag-do and wedding in Boston, shortly followed by Fanfest. Both trips were without my wife or kids. Understandably I am dedicating most, if not all of my vacation days to doing stuff with my family this year. Also, after two very wintry locations last year I want somewhere with warm sunshine and a relaxing pool!

I don't want to entirely do away the essence of fanfest this year so have organised a gathering in Edinburgh on Saturday the 3rd of May from around 18:30. I'm aiming for at least twenty others who can't make it to Iceland to stage our own mini-fanfest party. CCP have even promised some swag for me to give away (which I'll believe when it drops through my door).
What's not to like behind that bar?


What: EVE Gathering
When: 18:30, May 3rd, 2014
Where: Lebowskis, Edinburgh, Scotland (website link)

If you do plan to come please reply to my EVE forum post which should convince other people who are not sure to also come. Hope to see you there.

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