16 April 2014

Vote now for CSM 9

Have you voted for the people you would like to participate on the 9th Council of Stellar Management (CSM)? If you haven't, why not? There is less than a week to register your preferred candidates so go do it now. I consider voting a personal thing so I won't tell you who to vote for. If you are totally stuck you could do worse than checking out Jester's recommendation list and basing your choices from there.

I frequently see a lot of shit-posting about how the CSM do nothing for us. This generally comes from people who have very short memories, or people who consider the CSM is doing nothing because their particular area of the game isn't the one CCP are actively focussing on Right Now™. To those people I would ask you to consider the few crazy ideas CCP mull in public which we see the CSM actively address then consider how many other ideas are put to death long before we would see them.

The very nature of the CSM operating under NDA makes it difficult to appreciate what does and doesn't happen there. I am confident that if CCP thought the CSM did nothing useful they would stop flying the CSM members to Iceland for meetings and the whole CSM concept would go away.

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  1. For a slightly more wormhole centric ballot I would go for something like Procs list.