18 January 2012

Science Bit

Within New Eden there are many pies to stick your fingers into. To this end I have a close friend, Dhal, who endures the noisy neighbourhood of Jita to fulfil his life goals of making ships and ammo. Some of it for me. Dhal's dream is to build strategic cruisers, but that is a long-term goal requiring ISK which he tells me is in short supply. Apparently learning the skills he requires takes a lot of ISK as well as time.

His current occupation is researching 'tech 2' blueprints. Apparently, once you have an original standard blueprint and access to a POS this can become a profitable area of work. The general flow is to make a copy of the original blueprint and then use the copy, along with relevant datacores, to hopefully invent a 'tech 2' item related to the original item. Sadly this only produces a limited run blueprint copy so invention is an ongoing task. Finally Dhal will take the blueprint copy and turn it into the finished item ready for sale. Of course this ties up more capital until the product sells.

In between each of these steps are long periods of waiting. Personally I think it all sounds boring and rather complicated. I prefer to leave the science stuff to him while I am out exploring the far reaches of wormhole space. I also never did understand why he doesn't just make a permanent copy of the 'tech 2' blueprints he invents but I don't like to ask again.

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  1. I don't think you can get "permanent" copies of the T2 blueprints, for just that reason. They are copies. Only originals are permanent. Hence why they are expensive.