17 January 2012

New Beginnings

I completed the move into our new class 4 wormhole system last night. Having spent the last week or so hanging out near Jita left me feeling slightly shell-shocked. Wormhole life has left me more accustomed to an empty local communication channel than the constant spew of vomit that flows from the den of inequity that is Jita 4-4. Visiting Jita is essential as it is the definitive one-stop-shop for all one will need when in New Eden.

Last night presented an excellent route into the C4 and I took full advantage. I always feel nervous piloting an uncloaked ship through wormhole systems. The first two ships through were Drakes which would allow me to fight back a little should any unfriendly pilots decide to engage me. In a wormhole it is important to remember all pilots are unfriendly unless they are in your corp. It is even worth checking your blues will honor the blue status 'just in case'.

Third in was a Covetor which made me a little more nervous. If anyone caught me in that I would be receiving a fiery express delivery back to my medical clone. I mean, who could possibly avoid popping a defenceless mining ship? I know I couldn't. Happily this transited the connecting route from hisec to home perfectly safely and I made the final journey out to collect my scanning Tengu - the ship I call home.

All went well and I now have a full complement of ships in our new system. This will allow me to take part in any corp ops which present themselves. More importantly, as I am now home I can get down to the serious business of making ISK from planetary interaction. The enforced vacation to hisec has left my wallet a little light.

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  1. welcome to the C4! I still have to bring my ships in (other than the SB, Helios and miners). I actually squished the covetor into a GSC and got it in that way... to scared to fly him in. Looking forward to do some hunting with you...