27 January 2012

Captains Quarters Unnerve me

Living out in wormhole space I have very rare occasion to visit the captain's quarters included in the station docking fee. On the rare occasion I do find myself visiting such an establishment I suffer a certain amount of anxiety whilst watching news or the latest holoreel on the giant screen.

It has taken a certain amount of time for me to pin down the cause of this anxiety but I believe I finally understand the problem. The layout of all the captain's quarters position you with your back to all the entrances.

The Orca pilot didn't see anyone coming

Now I don't know about you, but personally I like to keep an eye on all the exits. Outside my pod I am more vulnerable that I would normally be. I don't care how unlikely it is for someone to come if through that door, on a station such as Jita 4-4 I want to make sure I'm safe. To make matters worse, I've yet to work out how to close and lock the main door back to my pod. So I find myself sitting with my back to an open door. Tell me I'm just paranoid.

Unsurprisingly, the Amarr and Caldari examples are the worst. I guess there is some arrogance in positioning your back to any unexpected guests. Equally unsurprising is the Gallente quarters are the least affected by this unnerving layout. It is only natural that we Gallente would design something properly.

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  1. Amarr believe that God has their back. The Caldari reckon they have already paid all assailants enough ISK to keep them off their backs. Well, Gallente just never know.