25 January 2012

Random Rats

If there is one thing that mystifies me, it is the incredible predictability with which Sleepers in an anomoly or signature will attack. This is not an unusual think to encounter around New Eden, but the increased ferocity with which Sleepers organise themselves would seem to lend itself nicely to some unpredictability in the tactics them employ.

To illustrate, if I find myself in a class two wormhole system running a Perimeter Checkpoint I know I will find a couple of sentry guns, a couple of cruisers and a couple of frigates. I also know killing the final cruiser will result in reinforcements arriving. I also know the reinforcements will be two classes of cruiser and which class will be the trigger.

It seems to me there is something artificial about this situation. I would have expected a more random variability in the composition of sleeper fleets and arrival times of reinforcements. Don't get me wrong, this predictability is great from a capsuleer point of view. As long as I am able to withstand the onslaught of damage coming from the initial forces, I have the information to control the field. Life is good.

But still, it almost seems like the attacks follow some predetermined template and not any form of sentient logic and intellect which is capable of analysis and learning.

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