19 April 2016

Free To Play EVE

Here's the prediction for an announcement at Fanfest this year: As of Citadel's release we will no longer need to pay our monthly subscription to play EVE Online. Instead we will only have to pay for characters we want to train. If we don't want to train new skills we stop paying.

The evidence is from the dev blog FANFEST 2016 - BRING ON THE WRECKING MACHINE! where they list the cosplay PLEX prizes in terms of "years of training time" rather than years of game time. Check out the image to see it for yourself:

So, dear reader, what do you think? Is this irrefutable evidence that EVE is going free to play and pay to train in the near future? Answers on a postcard.


  1. Not sure CCP could afford to drop that much revenue.

  2. Not irrefutable evidence, though I can see why you would infer the end of paid subscriptions.
    Been waiting for this for several years.

    I assume CCP did the math and thinks this will increase overall revenue. Paid subscriptions will of course drop but might draw in more F2P players that want SP which they have to buy. This would create more demand for SP injectors/PLEX/multiple training queue certicates.

  3. I already have 6 free characters on 3 accounts. My 9 characters share 3 skill queues. CCP could earn more by letting me subscribe to a skill queue rather than an account - I would buy a 4th queue if I could get it at the subscription price but there is nothing my characters need to learn badly enough to justify the cost of multiple character training.

  4. I gotta admit I am not sure this forshadows pay to win, or free to play, but it is evidence of CCPs changing attitudes towards new players and vets... or I should say, new players vs vets.

    1. Someone should organise that as a league. New Players vs. Vets!