17 August 2015

Alliance Tournament Betting - Day 2

In my previous post I announced my intention to bet on the underdog in as many Alliance Tournament matches as I could afford to. Day two of AT XIII saw another 32 matches resulting in me spending another 320 Million ISK. Thankfully I still had free EVE-Bet credit from the Edinburgh and Glasgow meetups so I'm not yet burning through the little ISK I earn each month.

The Bets

Pandemic Horde to beat Confederation of xXPIZZAXx
Northern Coalition. to beat Shadow Cartel
It Must Be Jelly Cause Jam Don't Shake to beat Forsaken Federation
R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N to beat THE R0NIN
The Explicit Alliance to beat A Band Apart.
The G0dfathers to beat Hard Knocks Citizens
RAZOR Alliance to beat The Kadeshi
Nihilists Social Club to beat Pandemic Legion
Tactical Narcotics Team to beat Circle-Of-Two
Brothers in Arms Alliance to beat WAFFLES.
404 Alliance Not Found to beat Drop the Hammer
Vox Populi. to beat Test Alliance Please Ignore
Easily Excited to beat Clockwork Pineapple
Brave Collective to beat Phoebe Freeport Republic
That Escalated Quickly. to beat The WeHurt Initative
Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork to beat Nulli Secunda
M.I.F to beat Triumvirate
Nerfed Alliance Go Away to beat Dream Fleet
Gone Critical to beat End of Life
Togethor We Solo to beat The Afterlife.
Black Legion. to beat Verge of Collapse
The Methodical Alliance to beat Warlords of the Deep
Quebec United Legions to beat Project.Mayhem.
Curatores Veritatis Alliance to beat The Tuskers Co.
Affirmative. to beat The Bastards.
Dead Terrorists to beat Rote Kapelle
Out of Sight. to beat Exodus.
Alternate Allegiance to beat Suddeny Spaceships.
CAStabouts to beat The Gorgon Emprie and Spawn
Scary Wormhole People to beat Chaos Collective
Agony Empire to beat The Camel Empire
-affliction- to beat SpaceMonkey's Alliance

Compared to yesterday there were a few more matches where the result went against the odds. I guess this was a result of first match losers squaring off against each other and the difficulty of predicting how those matches would turn out. As a result I got a decent amount of winning come back to me. It still wasn't enough to break even but it came close. For the 320 Million ISK I placed in bets I got 306 Million ISK back. That means in day two of the tournament I only lost 14 Million ISK. Total lost so far is 133 Million ISK.

Next week there are 22  matches each day. I have enough ISK sitting to bet on the Saturday and either need to win or deposit a further 110 Million ISK to bet on Sunday's matches as well. With a bit of luck maybe I can start eating back into my deficit as well.

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