22 April 2013

Fanfest: 2013

Dear Reader,

I am off to fanfest. I hope to return with tales of the wonders of Iceland, photos of CCPs outstanding hospitality, anecdotes of hilarious exploits and news of what's coming in the next expansion. Chances are, however, that I will be drinking far too much to remember anything and I'll be using the photos as much as you to work out what happened.

I'm actually quite nervous about the whole trip. I've never been to any sort of fanfest thing before. I've certainly not been to anything even close to this alone. To be honest I hate travelling alone as I find it is much less enjoyable when there is nobody to share it. Although I have a number of my alliance also going they generally have their partners with them so I don't expect to intrude on their holidays too much. My partner is stuck at home with our two children. Yes, we did consider all going until my wife learned what the average temperature would be and said "Sod that!".

                                                                                  See you there?

1 comment:

  1. Fly safe, eat a dead shark and drink heavily. We will follow your drunken exploits on twitter and twitch TV