8 April 2013

A Very Neat POS

It was still quiet in corp when I was out and about on Friday. We had a terrible route into deep lowsec and some new members moving up from the academy corp. My intention was to head out to lowsec and see if I could find another wormhole in the lowsec system leading somewhere better. Jumping into our c3b I noticed several ships on d-scan. Aware that there had been Noctis activity earlier in this hole I decided to swung past their POS to see if any of the ships had pilots. Sadly none of these ships were piloted but what I did see was so disturbing I had to make a video.

See those almost perfectly spaced batteries? I was greatly disturbed by those. And not one, not two, but three perfect arcs of said batteries! These people clearly have way more time and/or patience than I do. This almost makes me think any improvement to the POS anchoring system should be opposed. Just think of the monstrosities that people will create. I already have one corp mate talking about setting up a POS with a Pac Man face.

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