21 November 2012

Much ado about nothing

There's been so much traffic in the EVE blogosphere recently about the death of the EVE blogosphere that I've been struggling to keep up. Sure there have been the disappearance of a handful of high profile bloggers but I wouldn't say there's a greater rate of attrition than normal. The only difference is the high profile guys announced their departure.

Old Man:     I think I'll go for a walk....
Man:      You're not fooling anyone, you know--
      (to Cart-master) Look, isn't there something you can do...?
Given the number of new posts I see in my google reader feed I'm quite happy with the volume of blog posts appearing daily. I rarely wander to either EN24 or themittani.com unless someone points me there for some reason.

My EVE feed stats from Google Reader - 21 Nov 2012
It's kinda hard to make any sensible comment from a single month of data like I have in the above grab. I'll post this here and try and revisit this topic in a month.


  1. Well, I am less analytical in my approach but I read far less now than before. The posts don't interest me as much an more, the constant whining about the lack of content in eve goes on my nerves and reminds me of the bad old days always before wow expansions came out. So, I cut down my reading list to ~5 blogs and get through it in <15 min /day.

    Is the blogosphere dead? I wouldn't know, I guess ;-)

    1. Yeah, I find it hard to understand people whining about the lack of content. EVE is somewhat unique as it requires you to go and make your own content. If you find EVE has no content then you only have yourself to blame, not CCP.