28 November 2012

Always Recruitment

Recruitment seems to be a pretty constant task and one that I don't particularly feel comfortable doing. I have a general 'fear' of the unknown in that I like to have a rough idea of how a conversation will go. Obviously this is an unlikely event when chatting to a total stranger so I just have to swallow my apprehensions and get on with it. Know what, it really isn't that bad.

Most conversations are just about getting a feel for the person you are chatting with, finding out if they've been in wormhole space before or have seen enough action that wormholes shouldn't be too daunting for them. Most of that comes down to personality - are they going to log off when the wormhole is quiet or are they going to go do some scanning and find something to do (kill sleepers or kill capsuleers, either is fine). There is a whole other side I keep in my head while this conversation is ongoing. One of my directors wrote a fine post on what should be paid attention to and how a conversation should be managed. This adds to my tricky feelings when handling such chats as I sometimes feel like I am being devious or deceitful.

Assuming all the chatting goes well there is also the API check to go through. I am much more at home doing that. It's pretty straight forward to make sure people have basic skills to survive in wormhole space: can they cloak? Can they scan? Can they remote rep? Do they have a decent tank to survive? Even beyond those points, where things of interest become a bit fuzzy it is still enjoyable to research backgrounds and prior associates.

At the end of the day, though, it all comes back to the person and actual interaction with them. This is the most important aspect really for any corp like ours. I want people who are fun to hang around with, not people who are solely driven to earn ISK or people who complain there is nothing to do but never actually try and find something to do.

Not sure where I was going with this blog post, just a bit of a brain dump I guess. Bottom line is, our recruitment is open and we've had a small number of people join us already. You should come join us too, at the very least you get a chance to make me feel uncomfortable in our public recruitment channel for a bit.

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