25 May 2015

Fade to Blue

As previously mentioned here, CCP recently put out notification that alliance logos were to be resubmitted. The resubmitted logos were subject to new rules and guidelines meaning there was no guarantee logos already in the game would be accepted under the new regime. Possibly somewhat foolishly I was pretty confident that the existing logo for Illusions of Solitude, a chameleon on a Einstein-Rosen bridge would be accepted. I was wrong and rejection came in the form of a rather vague email telling me it was "not of sufficient quality to be included". I understand CCP art department are a busy bunch but I am not sure how they expect to get a better quality resubmission when they don't give any clues what was wrong with the original submission.
As he was...

So I had a bit of back and forth with CCP Falcon, the bearer of the above bad news. He gave me his best guess that the colour saturation was too high and possibly the use of our iconic chameleon wasn't ideal. We're rather attached to our chameleon, so much so we even named him 'Reginald Green'. Getting rid wasn't an option as far as I was concerned. With Falcon's help we settled on desaturating the red colour for the alliance initials and fading Reginald to blue to match the wormhole he was sitting on. I guess it makes sense, I never scout a wormhole without a cloak so why should he? I made my changes and resubmitted the logo with assurances from Falcon that it would be fine.

After two weeks I'd still not had any positive reply. I took this as good news as the original submission process was only proven successful when the logo appeared in the game. Confirmation of acceptance doesn't seem to be a strong point with CCP. This weekend I was reading the 'This Week in EVE' forum post by CCP Phantom and noticed a link to another post listing the approved alliance logos so far. I was delighted to see my alliance listed in amongst the long list of other alliances who've been successful in their logo submissions. I can't wait to see which formerly iconic logos have fallen by the wayside to the new logo requirements. Will Goons still have their little bee? Will LAWN still have the fantastic gnome? On the 2nd of June I guess we will all know.
Brr!! Who turned off the heat!?
So thank you, CCP Falcon, for putting up with my slightly stroppy tone of email while I was trying to figure out how to change my logo to something acceptable without destroying it. I'll buy you a beer at the Glasgow meetup to make up for it.

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