31 July 2014

Empty Echoes

Last month I wrote a very short post bemoaning the apparent lack of people in wormholes. As if to further highlight this we scanned down the following chain at the start of this week.
More holes than Swiss cheese
In the whole time scanning I didn't see a single ship. Well actually that's a lie, there was a Buzzard who launched probes on a wormhole then burned right past me. Of course the single ship I saw all night decloaked me and meant I'd have no hope in hell of catching him. So unfair.

Adding insult to injury we discovered the other arm of connections from home only had a single other hole and lots of anomalies to run. Rather than hunting down people to shoot we would have been better rolling the long chain away and making some ISK. It was too late by the time we realised. Bah!


  1. It's also silly season. The weather's good, people are on their hols, kids aren't lazing about at school. Activities tend to dip at this time of year for a couple of months regardless.

    Come September, when the kids are back at school, activity levels should rise again.

    1. It seems quieter than years gone by. Maybe I've just been more active this year than others and am noticing it more. Roll on September.