26 September 2013

Winter Expansion Notes

I managed to sit down and watch CCP's announcement on twitch.tv. I'm not really the kind of person to go into detailed, in-depth analysis of these changes. Indeed, there probably isn't enough out there as yet to do so. While watching the stream I was making notes. Ideally you would be best going to watch the recording of the announcement. If you don't have time, here are my notes for your perusal.

Rubicon: More than just a river in Italy

- Release date November 19 for EVE Rubicon. Not sure about that name.

- Player Customs offices in hisec. Destroy and replace with your own to tax hisec players as you feel like it.

- New deployable structures.
- Siphon Unit (steals moon minerals or reaction items from POS)
- Depot (Personal home base in space for storage or refitting including a reinforce timer)
- Auto tractor/loot pull all wrecks to one point. You will still need to salvage the wrecks but it will loot them all for you. Won't loot wrecks you don't own though.
- Cyno jammer preventing new cynos being lit within 70 or 100 km (to be decided).

- Fixing ship warp acceleration time. Cruisers will be the average: smaller accelerates faster; larger accelerates slower. About time this happened. Wonder if they'll fix the stutter when you switch from normal to warp engines?

- Interceptors buff, they may become immune to warp bubbles

- Maurauders getting 'bastion' mode plus micro jump drive buff to allow them to MJD every minute instead of every three minutes.

- Interdictor getting buffed to make them more useful.

- New dictor bubble artwork.

- Electronic attack frigs with increased ewar ranges

- New battleship rapid heavy missle launcher. 

- New faction ships - Sisters of EVE (frigate, cruiser, ...?) Amarr-Gallente training required.

- New certificate system to replace the current system with 'Mastery'. Basically a reworked collection of certificates.

- New character selection screen

- Adding twitch.tv integration in game. Would be nice if you can also watch twitch.tv streams in-game (on the TV in captains quarters).

So that's the notes I made during the stream. I don't think there is anything I'm massively excited about although I'm sure as more details on certain things comes out that could change. The personal structure for storage could be useful in wormholes depending on whether they can be scanned and how long the reinforce timer is. If they are quick enough to find and reinforce then it'll probably become standard practice to either find them and reinforce them to allow any other wormholers to blow them up when the timer is up. If enough wormholers do that it'll be a nice gift to each other.

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