4 September 2013

Long Skills

One of the things that happened during CCP's 'tiericide' of ship skills was the creation of racial destroyer and racial battlecruiser skills. Possibly somewhat foolishly someone at CCP uttered the immortal words "If you can fly it today then you can fly it tomorrow". I suspect that little sentence triggered the biggest stampede towards a single set of skills since EVE launched and people realised learning skills (remember them) were the first thing everyone should train. As a result there is a whole generation of EVE players who can fly every single tech 1 battlecruiser and below.
Shouldn't be long now??
The effect this had on me was, of course, to train the appropriate skills on the main character I have on each account. The secondary effect this had on me was to set me on a sub-capital class ship completionist frenzy with Orea. Fast-forward a little bit and I can fly every single subcap ship with the exception of some T2 haulers and all T2 battleships. This is changing. On EFT I have a planned queue to finish off these ships. There's only 18 skills in it but 186 days of training. This paints some picture as to why I'm not burning through the complete set of subcaps.
About a week ago I finally bit the bullet to put in a battleship V skill. Today this caught my eye in EFT - 27% done but over three weeks to go! Holy cow, I've got another three of these to do. I know for a fact I'll not be putting another BS V skill in once this one is done. I guess the sensible thing to do would be to get some T2 large guns to match my leet Gallente BS skills. Large Hybrid Turrent V is only 18 days away...



  1. Last november the announced battlecruiser split set me off on a ship and gunnery training frenzy as well.
    Even my industry alt now has 50% of her SP in gunnery/spaceship command, flies every T1 subcap and can use large T2 lasers.

    I wouldn't train battleship V unless it was to get in marauders/black ops or to maximize a pirate faction battleship. I feel other skills are generally more useful to max out for less training time. (Don't check eveboard to see how well I listen to my own advice)

  2. yep you are absolutely right with taking t2 guns before the BS V skills. BS V is a nice to have but with T2 guns in many different flavors you have far more options. Every T1 Sub Cap will profit from good gunnery skills so stick to them for a while.

    And those guns will consume enough time, already taken a look on surgical strike? You need that one on V too. ;-)

  3. Yeah, that's why I don't have any of the BSV skills... Only on IV.
    My next big decision will be to either train the Logi tree, the T2 hybrid/projectile guns, or the Revelation related ones. Hard decision, hard decision... But still got like 2.5 days to decide. :-P

  4. I cant remember when I last used a battleship for anything else but closing holes. I certainly never flew one in PvP.... BS V is of no interest to me until I really get involved in BLOPS missions...