17 January 2013

CCP Abandon POSs

In case you missed it, the CSM summit minutes are out. You can go read the 113 pages of minutes if you like. I can't bring myself to read something as verbose as that so I'll go with the digested output from others.

The first rage inducing thing that has come out of these minutes is CCP's position on the POS rework. Bizarrely, CCP has the opinion that only a very small number of people who play EVE are impacted by the terribleness that is the POS management system. The last time I checked there were POSs in highsec, lowsec, nullsec and wormholes. For sure the terrible permissions system does not impact the teeny little corps who have a single person managing their POS. As soon as you try to have any sensible level of hierarchy in a larger corp you run face first into the limited flexibility of the massive number of permissions available.

Bob help us wormhole dwellers who actually have to live in a POS. The POS security is probably the single largest sticking point for corp recruitment. Before I can recruit someone I need to form as good a picture as possible of who that person is and what they are likely to do to the existing members. Is this person a nice guy? Is he a total asshat who's going to steal all our ships? Is he a spy who aim is to offline the POSs as soon as he gets the rights to react some gas? While this is all part of living in wormholes, I would also like to be able to relax some and take many more people in to enjoy the first-class content we have access to in W-space.

CCP started to go down a route of removing complexity for the sake of complexity. This problem still exists in spades with POSs. If you've ever done gas reactions you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. If you have ever been unfortunate enough to set up titles for reasonable secure hanger tabs or to allow people to have the correct permissions to make them useful without giving dangerous levels of access you'll know what I'm talking about. Unfortunately CCP only see this one side of the problem - the person making the permissions.

The other side is the inconveniences the rest of the players who have any interaction with POSs have to endure. Many wormhole corps have a POS per small group of corp members. This means the whole corp has to deal with getting in a ridiculous quantity of POS fuel on a regular basis, taking time away from more enjoyable activities. POS passwords became slightly less annoying recently, but the fact we need them at all is a pain.

Two Step has a forum threadnaught up to show CCP just how small the affected player base actually is. There are 79 pages as I write this. I suggest you go add a message there to show your support to fix this embarrassingly broken aspect of life in New Eden.

Or wear the t-shirt to Fanfest

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