22 October 2012

Too Many Sites

It had been quite a while since I last did any major site running in our wormhole. Others had also been lazy at cleaning our sigs and as a result we had nine sites available. Whilst I like keeping a couple of sites around, having nine is a bit ridiculous. Another corp mate also decided this and put out a call for everyone to get online and we would clear our the nasty sigs in record time.

Unfortunately the organiser had to pull out of hosting this sig-busting event (something about very good painkillers) so I stepped in to ensure a fun night would be had. I logged in to find our nine sites had become ten. I also found almost nobody else had logged in. Maybe the notice was too short, maybe they all have so much ISK they don't need to murder sleepers. Whatever the reason we were only running with three people. Guess it would be only one site at a time then.

As much as I dislike FCing site running I took the lead whilst keeping my alt on wormhole guard and combat probe duty to ensure our safety. I also had wine, which helped. We ploughed through the first site and were moving onto a second when another corp mate logged on to find themselves directed at the nearest Noctis. Great, at least we don't have to pause to salvage.

After getting through six sites with the Noctis pilot swapping between salvaging and shooting one of our number had to call it a night (again, more top-notch painkillers). Now we were three but I was on a mission to kill each and every sleeper infesting our home. The seventh and eighth sites were fine but I would be lying if I said I enjoyed running the final two. It was a relief to see them die and get salvaged.

I headed off for a sleep at 3am knowing I would only get five hours sleep at best. My wallet was padded by over 300 Million ISK but I really didn't care. Ten sites is at least four too many.


  1. FC for PvE is one of those tasks that everyone relies on but no one really wants to do. Props for stepping up, as well as completing all the sites. I would have flaked out after a handful, easily.

    1. As an insult for all my hard work, the wormhole fairies planted another three in system the next night which I *had* to kill too. That's 2/3 of the Tengu your buddies killed paid for. :-)

    2. Really? You had to kill? Could you not have left some for other people? (Oh, and as for FCing I'm perfectly happy doing it, just I was feeling far too dead to stay up that night).

    3. Absolutely, it was a mission after the ten of the night before (which was also a mission).

    4. My recipe for keeping it somewhat interesting is starting to direct people into shooting triggers. It usually makes people wake up again including myself :)

  2. at least you make ISK doing that... I find that running C2 sites - especially radar and Mag - is almost not worthwhile. Hacking the cans gets maybe 10mil ISK. Did three in a row and I think I gave up. PI makes / hour likely more ISK than C2 sites. How people live in C1s, I have no idea ;-)