1 October 2012

Scratch One Tengu

Ah well, it was almost inevitable what was going to happen this weekend. For the last few days I had been feeling a bloodlust not particularly common for me. Maybe it was a result of how quiet wormhole life has been, fake encounters notwithstanding, but I really just wanted to make someone explode.

Friday night I undocked in the hope of making said explosion happen. We had pilots out exploring and mapping our entire constellation of about six or seven wormhole systems. In our c2b there was a lowsec exit to Aridia and a Viator floating in the POS. I sat quite happily for over an hour watching the Viator, willing him to make a move to a POCO so I could send him on his merry way. A couple of other corp mates joined me so you would think one of us would have been on the ball to work out where he was going when he finally made a move. Unfortunately, the time sitting doing nothing dulled our reactions and we had to scatter to find him. "He's on the lowsec, I've got him pointed" someone called but he jumped through and away. Will he be stupid enough to come back? We sat waiting for half an hour until receiving a notification that the potential target had logged off. Damnit.

Someone now scanned a new K162 in our home system. Jumping through we had a C5a to go with our normal C4a static. A pilot floated in the POS in a Moa suggesting to me that he might be planning on sucking up some gas. He didn't warp off so I took the risk that he was otherwise distracted and scanned down two ladars in the system. Unfortunately he either saw me or decided to do something other than suck gas and logged off. Gah!

By now my corpmates were starting to bunk down for the night but I was still hopeful and jumped out into the lowsec of Aridia to see what was out there. Suffice to say I finished my evening jumping around a ring of five systems popping rats as I went. I was delighted to raise my sec rating from almost 4.1 to just over 4.1. Yeah, right...

Saturday had me looking for a route out of our home system to meet up with some folk and go shoot at people in nullsec. We had a K162 with a nullsec exit in our home system that wasn't particularly useful to me and our C4a led to another C4 and that led to a C5. I paused in C4b for some scanning practice. I'm still perfecting a technique involving four deep space probes and four core probes and the twenty signatures in C4b seemed perfect. It took about 45 minutes due to distractions before I had neatly catalogued all the sigs then I took a break.

Coming back I decided to peek into C5c. When I first connected to the corp and alliance channels there was some chatter about the Wormhole Engineers and I assumed they were in here. Being a fan of Tigerears' blog I decided taking a look was worth the risk of those elite wormhole PvPers. I jumped through the wormhole and "oh crap, grey boxes and a bubble". I held cloak for a short time while I formulated a plan of escape. I assumed I was dead but that wasn't going to stop me trying to get out in once piece. Jumping back to C4b I immediately broke the session cloak and activated my covops cloak while spamming the warp button to a random planet. The wormhole gods didn't smile at me as the attacking forces landed right on top of me forcing my cloak back off. I continued to align and spam warp while assessing what was there and what was preventing my escape. I first targeted a Hurricane before noticing the Ishkur and switching to it. Four separate points on me meant I was dead I just wanted to take someone with me.

Overheating everything and trying to burn away was futile but I tried anyway. With four people preventing my warp engines from engaging this was going to be very messy, plus there was a Onyx in the field so I didn't expect to get my pod out neither. I was slowly eating through the Ishkur's armour but HAMs aren't designed for frigates. It was simply a matter of spamming the warp button while waiting to die. For some reason I was allowed to leave with my pod. I left a 'ta' as thanks in local because my brain couldn't compute 'gf' and then I started to wonder why I didn't eject to save some skill points. D'oh!

At least I got my wish to shoot at someone. Me exploding wasn't exactly the plan though.


  1. We have a reimbursement policy, by the way. If you bring your pod to our system, we will take care of you.

    Sorry to hear about the loss, but thanks for the target. For the future, as you have the interdiction nullifier subsystem, I would suggest making a break for it on the wormhole when you jump in. The warp bubble won't stop you. If you get clear, you may be one jump from home but you're safe. If you don't get clear, well, you jump back and are in the same position as if you'd just jumped back to start with.

    Making yourself polarised voluntarily is a pretty risky strategy, that's all. If worse comes to worst and the hostiles (or our cuddly selves) wait for you, or even collapse the wormhole, going off-line for a couple of hours generally gets them off your tail.

    1. I'd love to come back with my pod but sadly there doesn't appear to be a connection between us now. Tengu prices are pretty low just now anyway and I replaced that already for 100 Million less than last time it died.

      I'm not bothered about the loss, if I was I wouldn't fly around in a Tengu exploring unknown systems. Ships are made to be exploded. I did 100% forget that the bubble wouldn't stop me. The surprise to find the wormhole fully camped blew it clean out of my head and I still hadn't remembered.

      Thanks for the tips, I've filed them away for next time I'm in such a situation. Send my regards to your corp mates for my wonderfully efficient execution.

    2. That was meant to be 'take care of you'. Like mobsters do. My sarcasm often gets me in trouble.

      It's definitely easy to forget things in tense situations. The best way to learn is to keep getting in to them. Hopefully, you will learn quicker than the losses get too expensive.

    3. No, no, I got the sarcasm and was replying in kind. Reading back, mine was far too subtle and sounds like a total noob believing you.

      How about [sarcasm] I'd love to come back with my pod...[/sarcasm]

    4. Man, using the internet is HARD.

      As is using blogger. Sorry about that.

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  3. LOL....you get into all the fun scrapes. There was only 1 pilot in their C5 when I mapped it all out.