2 July 2012

Thukk You, Frill Me! July 15th Protest March

As highlighted by Rixx Javix over at Evoganda, there has been an unfortunate fate visited on the Vagabond. The terrible fate in this case is the loss of its distinguishing neck frill. The net result of losing the frill for this ship is to take something special away from its Minmatar identity. What is a Minmatar ship without some form of paper-thin wingy bits? Sure, rust is essential but wingy bits are almost as important.

More concerning is the apparent disregard for personal ownership and privacy by the ship's manufacturer, Thukker Mix. Not satisfied with simply redesigning new Vagabonds, Thukker Mix actively infiltrated numerous hangers around New Eden and retrospectively applied these unwanted changes to privately owned and beloved capsuleer Vagabonds.

Now to be honest I can't remember ever actually seeing a Vagabond in space. I'm sure I must have but I'm not the most observant pilot. However, should a Vagabond be bearing down on me in space it would be much more terrifying with its cobra-like appearance. I would try to flee from it, screaming in fear, rather than spending a few moments trying to work out whether or not I'm being engaged by a battle Iteron.

To fix this injustice, Seismic Stan over at Freebooted has organised a protest march for Sunday, July 15th. The intention is to meet up in the, becoming traditional, location of the Jita memorial before heading in the general direction of the Thukker Mix HQ of M-MD3B. Additionally, Khalia at My Loot, Your Tears is organsing a suicide-gank raffle in nearby Jatate prior to the main event. This means you'll need at least two Stabber or Vagabonds to fully enjoy the day.

Protest Itinerary - Sunday, July 15th 2012

18:00 - Jatate - Suicide Raffle
19:00 - Jita Memorial - Meet up and general comedy
19:29 - Jita Memorial - Outlaw fly-by.
19:30 - Jita Memorial - Departure
20:00 - Rendez-vous with remaining outlaws in low-sec
21:00 - M-MD3B - Protest arrives at Thukker Mix Head Office (hopefully)
21:30 - Surviving Protesters will head to Delve via Curse and Catch.

After some modification to his skillqueue, Geo will be there in a reasonably fit Stabber, will you?


  1. Awesome! Thanks for your support, the more awareness we raise the less likely they can just ignore us and the more likely we save the Vagabond!

  2. Heh, by pitching this in such an in-character way CCP could actually come up with an in-game reason why the ship's look would be reverted. I have to say I also like the Vagabond with it's frill. It always reminded me of one of those: http://www.drellenrudolph.com/featureanimals/frilledlizard04.jpg

    1. Now *that* picture is a perfect depiction of how terrifying the Vaga should appear.