22 July 2018

I'm still here

Despite things going rather quiet here I am still playing EVE. In fact, I've been online and 'playing' for the past four nights in a row. "What have you been up to?" I hear you ask. I'd love to say it's been the riveting stuff of interest. However, the reality of the situation is thusly:

First, we joined Anomalous Existence (N0MEX). By "we" I mean the active denizens of Z3R0 Return Mining Inc.". We joined knowing full well that their EU presence was somewhat lacking. We'd been told that there were a handful of people who would be online during our time. Figuring this for a reasonable "reverse-recruitment" opportunity it made sense for us. Sadly, the reality of the situation was maybe two or three people were in corp during our game time. Those people tended to be actually playing other games and waiting for content to happen. On top of that, their archaic bookmark scheme required a reference manual for which folders to leave bookmarks in. We decided that as nice as the people we met were, N0MEX weren't for us.

Decisions had to be made. We still have a wormhole under IoS alliance control. Should we go back to that? We quickly decided that was a terrible idea. With only a handful of players, we have no right to be holding our own space. The obvious solution is to go wormhole diving.

Wormhole diving is the act of living in K-space but using W-space as your primary hunting ground. With our small numbers, it seems like the perfect middle-ground for me. We have nothing to lose beyond our ships. There is no 'home-ground' advantage. There is simply the pure fun of the hunt.

Oh, and we're no long Z3R0 Return Mining Inc., just call us IoS(dot)!

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