3 May 2016

To kill a Citadel

My picture post on Sunday showed one of the first citadels in New Eden. I can happily report that it successfully anchored and was fitted up to become a fully armed and operational battle station. I also mentioned on Sunday that there were four pending wardecs against the anchoring alliance. These are now up to six active ones. Inevitably, this happened:

I am very certain that those 24 battleships fully exceed the 5000 dps cap on an Astrahus and there was no noticeable defence fleet that I saw. Nonetheless they took the Astrahus through it's armour and into the second reinforcement timer of six days.

If you want to witness the destruction of this hisec citadel you should get yourself to the Jita gate in Perimeter by 23:10 this Sunday (May the 8th). I've a pretty good idea that system is going to be pretty packed. I can in no way confirm nor deny that I'll have an alt losing a ship to Concord to whore on the killmail. I couldn't possibly suggest that you do so too.

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