13 November 2015

Crazies on SiSi...

For my Pod and Planet entry I logged on to Singularity for some screenshots. To my great amusement I encountered a rare SiSi hermit. To say the conversation was entertaining doesn't go any way to doing it justice. I'll just paste it here for your reading pleasure.

Oreamnos Amric > hi
Castielec > where u going buddy
Oreamnos Amric > just getting some screenshots
Castielec > be careful this is my space i might gank you
Oreamnos Amric > aha lol
Oreamnos Amric > sure you will
Castielec > you saw i what i wrote
Castielec > now watch yourself
Oreamnos Amric > TQ too hard for you that you need to claim space in SiSi?
Castielec > yes
Oreamnos Amric > fair enough :-p
Castielec > i claimed all this for myself
Castielec > its mines
Castielec > if i cant you you dead
Castielec > alright
Oreamnos Amric > depends if you can translate that to English
Oreamnos Amric > oh, was that meant to be "catch"?
Castielec > keep on playing with me
Castielec > i can show you better than i can tell you buddy
Oreamnos Amric > I'm happy for you
Castielec > stay out of my space
Castielec > or i will gank you
Oreamnos Amric > it's not your space
Castielec > like i said
Oreamnos Amric > I'll get some friends and come visit
Oreamnos Amric > we can play peek'a'boo
Castielec > oh really?
Castielec > like i said i run everything on here dude
Castielec > stay the fuck away
Castielec > or else
Oreamnos Amric > else what?
Castielec > i will watch list you '
Oreamnos Amric > eek
Castielec > and gank you everytime you log on
Oreamnos Amric > :quakes:
Castielec > yea you better be scared
Castielec > now stay out of my space
Oreamnos Amric > I will once I stop giggling
Castielec > or ill kick you out
Castielec > which one you want?
Castielec > take your damn pick buddy
Oreamnos Amric > kick me out...
Oreamnos Amric > ...of sisi
Oreamnos Amric > ...
Castielec > i will
Castielec > stay out my damn space man
Castielec > i claimed this shit for myself
Oreamnos Amric > I am genuinely happy for you. You claimed space on SiSi all by yourself.
Castielec > i sure have
Castielec > and i will take every alliance space in the game
Castielec > and own all of eve
Castielec > i already took catch
Castielec > i will go to the other parts and take them also
Oreamnos Amric > go you
Castielec > by myself
Castielec > buddy
Castielec > and you wont do a damn thing about it
Castielec > but stay out like i told you
Castielec > now watch your mouth
Oreamnos Amric > I'll need a mirror
Castielec > you need to stay away
Castielec > is what you need to do
Oreamnos Amric > stay what now?
Castielec > stay out of my fucking space
Castielec > now!
Castielec > grrrr
Castielec > woof woof
Castielec > grrrr
Castielec > grrrr
Castielec > woof woof grrr
Oreamnos Amric > where's your space?
Castielec > protecting my territory like a dog
Castielec > catch is my space
Oreamnos Amric > I was through it so fast I can't even remember
Oreamnos Amric > I wasn't in catch
Castielec > woof woof
Castielec > im protecting my territory
Oreamnos Amric > if you're growling like a dog I guess Catch is the right place for you
Oreamnos Amric > I can see you are
Castielec > grrrr
Castielec > im a fucking great dame
Castielec > grrr woof grr woof
Oreamnos Amric > you're sure a lovely lady alright
Castielec > now back off
Castielec > dont come back
Castielec > i will be watching you
Oreamnos Amric > how can I not come back if you won't tell me where to avoid?
Castielec > all of catch
Castielec > dont come back
Castielec > grrr whoof
Oreamnos Amric > Okay, got it. Make sure I stay in catch. Gotcha
Castielec > i said stay out dude
Castielec > dont play with me man
Castielec > i done told you
Oreamnos Amric > I'm not. You told me you had claimed the whole of New Eden on SiSi and I should stay in Catch.
Oreamnos Amric > didn't you?
Castielec > i stay the fuck out of catch
Castielec > im not done taking it all
Oreamnos Amric > ah, my mistake
Castielec > yet
Oreamnos Amric > why not? you've had time.
Castielec > after i take catch i will take other regions
Oreamnos Amric > you're in it for the long haul?
Oreamnos Amric > what will you do with the space others claim?
Castielec > yes iam
Castielec > they wont
Castielec > i will have all space
Castielec > and protect it all
Oreamnos Amric > well good luck to you sie
Oreamnos Amric > *sir
Castielec > just stay your ass out
Oreamnos Amric > I'll try. But you never know, we have been known to accidentally sov on sisi in the past
Castielec > you do it
Castielec > if you want to
Oreamnos Amric > Impass isn't close to Catch is it?
Castielec > ill fight whole fleets
Castielec > and win
Oreamnos Amric > I'm sure you will
Oreamnos Amric > and drink the blood of your enemies?
Castielec > yes
Castielec > woof
Castielec > woof grr
Castielec > woof grrr
So I must thank Castielec for turning what was going to be a boring wander around New Eden to take some screenshots into a most entertaining half hour. I have absolutely no desire to test sovereignty mechanics on SiSi now. Absolutely none.......

Really, none.....


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