12 July 2015

Drunk n Roam

This was full...
The art of the drunken roam has long existed in New Eden. If you've watched the This Is EVE video you'll be familiar with someone saying on comms "Um, how do I warp to something?". The idea is simple, you take a ship and a bottle and/or cans of alcohol into hostile space and fly around drinking until you die. Of course there has to be rules otherwise this becomes no different to the average roam you've been on:

  • If you jump a gate you take a drink
  • If you dock you take a drink
  • If you undock you take a drink
  • If you change modes in a T3 destroyer, take a drink
  • If you lemming through a gate take an extra drink (in addition to the one for jumping anyway)
  • If you die you finish your drink

The above covers most reasons one should take a drink however there are always ad hoc rules which people create during the course of an evening. This creates an ancilliary set of rules:

  • If you invent a new rule you take a drink
  • If someone else invents a new rule you take TWO drinks for being too stupid to think of the new rule first

With the above bases covered there are two guarantees: a) You will have a brilliant night of playing EVE, and b) If done right you will wake up the following morning in physical pain and wondering where your wife and family are.

Ow my head hurts!


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  2. Some of my very mostest favorite, yet blurry, memories are of the Drunkenroams we have done... =]

    Teh Kraken is my fav mixer too... but we in HBHI have a tradition of Shlagging teh Gold for the best roams!!