26 January 2015


Shattered Wormhole Epicentre
Sometimes it is easy to miss the beauty that exists within the EVE universe. Instead of paying so much attention to d-scan, sigs and (heaven forbid) local, take a moment to just sit still. Find somewhere safe, turn off your interface and sup from the graphical delights of New Eden.

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  1. Ahhhh yes.... I do so very often... One of the things I love about EVE, and life in Anoikis is, believe it or not... scanning. When you're out scanning you are almost always solo, cloaked up and stationary... very often, after initial recon and I have done scanning all-teh-things and pulled probes over the years I have developed a habit of hitting Ctrl-F9 and just enjoying the view... Plus often when pos'ed up after the nights ops, when we're all winding down, I will usually Ctrl-F9 and enjoy the one really amazing thing about living in POS'es that is always lost in the flood of tears over the issues with living in a POS...

    We have a 360 degree window... =]

    We are the ONLY players in the game who can sit in comparative safety inside our shimmery force fields with OUR dreadnaught class station guns close at hand ready to defend OUR home... and enjoy the view of the star system we OWN.

    Many times late at night I swear I feel like I am sitting on the proverbial porch with my friends after a days labors... just enjoying the company and the amazing view... Sometimes I think we miss the sheer wonder that is POS life... Something CCP never intended or even imagined... Mark one up for emergent behavior hm?

    It really is a stuningly amazing virtuality isn't it? =]